About Westview Robotics
Students participating in our year-long Robotics Program are offered a unique opportunity for personal growth, leadership, involvement in diverse outreach activities and of course the FIRST Robotics Competition. We hold our team members to the highest level of Gracious Professionalism, Coopertition, Respect for our school and others with team spirit and expectations for accountability and responsibility to meet our team’s objectives.

We want to make this a great experience for your student, and in order to do so, funding is essential. Please assist our program with a donation of $400 + 3% processing fee per student. Your contribution will help provide your student and the team with Regional Competition Registration, Advisor Staff Stipends, team uniform, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), state-of-the art equipment, competition robot materials, marketing & branding supplies, and end-of-year banquet.

Thank you for your contribution and continued support! For more information, please contact us at wvrobotics@gmail.com.

Robotics Advisors: Dawn Hester, Kim Carroll
Annual Family Contribution: $400 + 3% = $412
Quarterly Family Contribution: $200 + 3% = $206 per Installment (1st week of Quarter 1; 1st week of Quarter 2)
Sweatshirt: $35